Project Description

M10 Chassis

M10 Integrated EV Traction motor drive integrates traction motor controller, two auxiliary AC controllers, low voltage system power supply, and power distribution unit into a single elegant and durable housing. Auxiliary controllers can be configured to power various air conditioning, hydraulic pump, air compressor, etc. This package greatly simplifies wiring and cooling system as well as reducing total component volume and weight. Customers can configure the specification of PDU according to their own requirements. It is a great choice for vehicles that package most powered components in a single compartment.

Reliable Components

Key components and parts are specialized for vehicles, with fast response and better performance.

High IP Grade
Delicate material selection, advanced manufacturing engineering, well-designed frames and thickened conformal coating protect the products against harsh environment. M10 controller can meet the standard of IP67 rating even with fan cooling.
Superior output torque
M10 integrated controllers have excellent torque output capacity in the whole speed range. Even in the constant power area (the speed over the rated point), they also can maintain a stable and smooth output torque, until the maximum output capacity of the motor.
High system efficiency
M10 integrated controllers can minimize the motor loss by unique control algorithm and PWM technology. The highest efficiency for the whole system is >94%, while for motor system >96%;Over 75% percent of the entire operational envelope can deliver 85% or better efficiency.
CAN Bus Control
M10 integrated controllers support terminal control and CAN bus control, ensuring real-time, safe, and reliable control. The drive unit can accept directly connected CAN node hardware, with the transmission baud rate up to 1 Mbps.
Overall Protection
M10 integrated controllers are equipped with capability of protection on short-circuit, over-current, over-voltage, overheating, over-load, and encoder disconnection, etc.

Spec Sheet

Compatible Motor Type3 Phase Synchronous / Asynchronous Motor
Model NumberKTZ34X32SU**KTZ54X32SU**KTZ34X41SU**KTZ54X41SU**
Rated DC Bus Voltage336V DC540V DC336V DC540V DC
DC Bus Voltage Range200V DC~450V DC400VDC~750V DC200V DC~450V DC400VDC~750V DC
Rated Output Power50kW90kW60kW132kW
Peak Output Power75kW135kW100kW198kW
Rated Output Current160A160A273A273A
Peak Output Current320A/1min320A/1min410A/1min410A/1min
DC/DC Rated Power3kw3kw2kw2kw
DC/DC Rated Voltage27.5V DC27.5V DC14V DC14V DC
DC/DC Rated Output Current110A110A143A143A
ConfigurationTraction Motor Drive + DC/AC + DC/AC + DC/DC + PDU
PDU ConfigurationFast charge, slow charge, air conditioning, PTC, insulation detection etc, configurable
Low-voltage Input9~36V DC
DC/AC Rated Power5.5 kW
DC/AC Rated output current13A
Low-voltage input9~36V DC
DC/AC Peak output current19.5 A/1min
Weight35 ± 0.5 kg
Protection RatingIP67
Cooling MethodWater Cooling
External DimensionsLength x Width x Height: 680mm x 521mm x 178mm
Electrical Connection TypeConnector + Gland Head
Applicationslight - medium duty trucks, mini buses, logistics vehicles, etc

External Dimension