Project Description

G03 Chassis

G03 motor controller chassis offers a more elongated and thinner profile than G02 with an increased peak power rating of up to 225kW. G03 controllers are designed more specifically for medium duty trucks and delivery vehicles. GTAKE proprietary core control algorithms and PWM control strategy minimize controller power loss while maximize motor efficiency and peak power. Automatic current regulation(ACR) and active damping technology ensures smooth and controlled throttle control while maintaining lighting fast torque response and output. Advanced hill hold feature improves driving confidence in hilly roads and lessens driver fatigue.

Reliable Components

Key components and parts are specialized for vehicles, with fast response and better performance. Modularized functional units make G03 controller more stable and reliable. Until 2018, over ten thousand G03 controllers are used in domestic market and are proved to have superior performance and quality.

High Power Density
The peak power of G03 controller can reach up to 225KW, with compact size and light weight.
Adjustable Regeneration
G03 controllers are configured with regeneration function and users can also program the feedback energy for more comfortable driving experience and longer driving distance.
CAN Bus Control
G03 EV drives support terminal control and CAN bus control, ensuring real-time, safe, and reliable control. The drive unit can accept directly connected CAN node hardware, with the transmission baud rate up to 1 Mbps.
Excellent Torque Characteristics
Advanced motor control technology is applied to G03 motor controllers, making the output toque capability excellent even in the constant power area.
Hill Hold Feature
The vehicle can be held on slopes automatically based on the precise rotor position sensing technology and by intelligently switching control tactics between torque control and speed control.
Overall Protection
G03 EV/HEV motor controllers are equipped with short-circuit, over-current, over-voltage, overheating, over-load, and encoder disconnection protections etc. Likewise, the battery protection can be well programmed and the controller can adjust feedback energy accordingly.

Spec Sheet

Compatible Motor Type3 Phase Synchronous / Asynchronous Motor
Model NumberKTZ54X32SAA**KTZ54X41SAA**KTZ54X53SAA**
Rated DC Bus Voltage540V DC
DC Bus Voltage Range400V DC~750V DC
Rated Output Power90kW132kW150kW
Peak Output Power135kW198kW225kW
Rated Output Current160A273A263A
Peak Output Current320 A/1min410 A/1min525 A/1min
Low Voltage System Voltage9~36VDC
Output Frequency0~900Hz
Weight13.5 ± 0.5 kg
Protection RatingIP67
Cooling MethodWater Cooling
External DimensionsLength x Width x Height: 488mm x 244mm x 110mm
Electrical Connection TypeGrand Head
Applicationsmedium duty trucks, mini buses, logistics vehicles, etc

External Dimension