Project Description

D02 Chassis

D02 chassis based controllers are designed for light duty vehicles operating in more environmentally challenged applications. IP67 protection rating combined with higher power rating and cooling method options brings higher level of flexibility and adaptability compared to D01 chassis. Water cooling options is ideal for hybrid vehicles or applications demanding higher sustained power delivery. D02 is perfect for use in motorcycles, electric forklifts, mini-compact vehicles, and hybrid vehicles.

High Power Density
The power density and overload capability is improved by MOS SMT and high planneness demand on aluminum heat sink surface
Flexable Low Voltage System
Accepts 12V DC or power battery input as auxiliary power supply
Precise Control
Precise control of motor speed and output torque, realized by advanced motor control technology, improved power porformance, and driver comfort.
Regenerative Braking
Regenerative braking feature prolongs driving distance per charge.
Easy Setup
A large batch of vehicle commissioning could be realized quickly via dedicated computer monitoring program, including parameter setting, copy, and backup.
Highly Integrated
This controller integrates busbar, relays, and high-voltage precharing circuit in a single elegant pakage.
Application Flexability
Plentiful of I/O ports enable D02 controller system to support various applications
Highly Customizable
Flexable programming meets customer individualized demand and capable of accepting customized features.
Flexable Cooling Method
Optional cooling types including air cooling, forced air cooling, and water cooling fulfill different Evs and operational envirnoment
Diagnositics Support
D02 controllers feature complete fault diagnosis, monitoring, and self protection capabilities.
CAN Bus Control
D02 drives support terminal control and CAN bus control, ensuring real-time, safe, and reliable control. The drive unit can accept directly connected CAN node hardware, with the transmission baud rate up to 1 Mbps.
IP 67
Protection grade IP67 provides sufficient protection for most demanding working envirnoment.

Spec Sheet

Compatible Motor Type3 Phase Synchronous / Asynchronous Motor
Model NumberKTZ(KYS)07X*Z** Air Cooled
KTZ(KYS)07X*F** Forced Air Cooled
KTZ(KYS)07X*S** Water Cooled
KTZ(KYS)11X*Z** Air Cooled
KTZ(KYS)11X*F** Forced Air Cooled
KTZ(KYS)11X*S** Water Cooled
KTZ(KYS)14X*Z** Air Cooled
KTZ(KYS)14X*F** Forced Air Cooled
KTZ(KYS)14X*S** Water Cooled
Rated DC Bus Voltage72V DC108V DC144V DC
DC Bus Voltage Range40V~90V50V~135V70V~180V
Rated Output Power7.5kW Air Cooled
15kW Forced Air Cooled
17kW Water Cooled
11kW Air Cooled
20kW Forced Air Cooled
23kW Water Cooled
15kW Air Cooled
20kW Forced Air Cooled
30kW Water Cooled
Peak Output Power22kW Air Cooled
30kW Forced Air Cooled
37kW Water Cooled
30kW Air Cooled
45kW Forced Air Cooled
55kW Water Cooled
45kW Air Cooled
60kW Forced Air Cooled
75kW Water Cooled
Rated Output Current120A Air Cooled
230A Forced Air Cooled
250A Water Cooled
120A Air Cooled
200A Forced Air Cooled
230A Water Cooled
110A Air Cooled
150A Forced Air Cooled
220A Water Cooled
Peak Output Current350A/2min Air Cooled
450A/2min Forced Air Cooled
550A/2min Water Cooled
350A/2min Air Cooled
450A/2min Forced Air Cooled
550A/2min Water Cooled
300A/2min Air Cooled
400A/2min Forced Air Cooled
500A/2min Water Cooled
Auxiliary supply voltage12V:6~16V DC or Power Battery Voltage
Output Frequency0~1000Hz
WeightAir Cooled: 6.7kg, Force Air Cooled: 7.5kg, Water Cooled: 5.5kg
Protection RatingIP67
Cooling MethodForced Air Cooling 、Air Cooling, Water Cooling
External DimensionsLength x Width x Height: 395 x 279 x 200mm
Electrical Connection TypeLength x Width x Height:
316.5 x 246.5 x 139mm (Air Cooled)
316.5 x 246.5 x 168mm(Forced Air Cooled)
316.5 x 246.5 x 114mm (Water Cooled)

External Dimension