Project Description

D01 Chassis

With compact air cooled design, D01 is tailor built for demanding yet packaging critical applications such as motorcycles and dirt bikes. Up to 60 kW peak power capability provides thrilling acceleration and top speed. High level of programing customizability and adaptability also enables D01 chassis based controllers to satisfy a wide range of applications such as electric forklifts, low speed vehicles, and light duty off highway vehicles.

Dedicated to low-speed vehicle

D01 motor speed controllers are tailored for low-speed electric vehicles. They are compatible with optical encoder, resolver and support high-voltage supply and low-voltage auxiliary power supply. D01 drivers are configured with terminals for accelerator pedal, brake pedal, pulse speed output as default.

EV dedicated control

Used at all GTAKE EV/HEV motor speed controllers. The core is dedicated for electric vehicles, with faster response and better performance.

Reliable components

Adopts the latest IGBT of Infineon whose maximum junction temperature reaches 175 ℃.

Superior output torque

D01 EV drives have excellent torque output capacity in the whole speed range. Even in the constant power area (the speed over the rated point), they also can maintain a stable and smooth output torque, until the maximum output capacity of the motor.

Big power, small size
D01 controllers features high power density combined with compact and light weight design. On the premise of ensuring power output, the design focuses on weight and size reduction.
CAN Bus Control
D01 EV drives support terminal control and CAN bus control, ensuring real-time, safe, and reliable control. The drive unit can accept directly connected CAN node hardware, with the transmission baud rate up to 1 Mbps.
Adjustable Regeneration
D01 controllers support customer customizable regeneration function for enhanced comfortable driving experience and longer range.
Comfortable Driving Experience
With the excellent performance, D01 series strives to score “double 100” in both efficient energy utilization and excellent driving experience.
Self-adaption to Motor Temperature
Through the self-adaptive technology, the torque output capability could be maintained regardless of motor temperature.
Creep Mode
Creep mode can be programed using customizable control algorithm, taking load and slope of the road into consideration to achieve predictable and intuitive driving experience.
Overall Protection
Gtake EV drives are equipped with sophisticated protection algorithm which include short-circuit, over-current, over-voltage, overheating, over-load, and encoder disconnection, etc. Gtake EV drives are also programed to protect traction battery with algorithm such as dynamic regeneration limit based on battery voltage.

Spec Sheet

Compatible Motor Type3 Phase Synchronous / Asynchronous Motor
Model NumberKTZ(KYS)07X*Z** Air Cooled
KTZ(KYS)07X*F** Forced Air Cooled
KTZ(KYS)11X*Z** Air Cooled
KTZ(KYS)11X*F** Forced Air Cooled
KTZ(KYS)14X*Z** Air Cooled
KTZ(KYS)14X*F** Forced Air Cooled
Rated DC Bus Voltage72V DC108V DC144V DC
DC Bus Voltage Range40V ~ 90V50V ~ 135V70V ~ 180V
Rated Output Power7.5kW Air Cooled
15kW Forced Air Cooled
11kW Air Cooled
20kW Forced Air Cooled
15kW Air Cooled
20kW Forced Air Cooled
Peak Output Power22kW Air Cooled
30kW Forced Air Cooled
30kW Air Cooled
45kW Forced Air Cooled
45kW Air Cooled
60kW Forced Air Cooled
Rated Output Current120A Air Cooled
230A Forced Air Cooled
120A Air Cooled
200A Forced Air Cooled
110A Air Cooled
150A Forced Air Cooled
Peak Output Current350A/2min Air Cooled
450A/2min Forced Air Cooled
350A/2min Aircooled
450A/2min Forced Air Cooled
300A/2min Aircooled
400A/2min Forced Air Cooled
Peak Output Current500A / 1 min
Auxiliary supply voltage12V:6~16V DC or Power Battery Voltage
Output Frequency0 ~ 600 Hz
Protection RatingIP65
Cooling MethodAir Cooling, Forced Air Cooling
External DimensionsLength x Width x Height:
288 x 190 x 161mm (Forced Air Cooled)
288*190*106mm (Air Cooled)
Electrical Connection TypeBolt type

External Dimension