Heavy Duty Vehicles


  • High efficiency, low operating cost
  • High Power density
  • High torque and power capability for extended period
  • Reliability, durability, and protection
  • Drivability and Safety

Our Solutions Got You Covered

  • GTAKE G03 or G04 controllers
  • AC traction motor based on customer requirements 
  • GTAKE M03 or M04 Multi auxiliary controllers with integrated DC-AC, DC-DC and PDU
  • Available VCU with custom programing
  • Available peripheral components: electric steering pump, DC-DC, DC-AC, PDU.
  • Controller features tuned specifically to customer demand: hill hold, creep mode, regen braking curve and strength. 
  • Exhaustive list of safety features: short-circuit, over-current, over-voltage, overheating, over-load, and encoder disconnection protections etc. 

Proven and Tested

  • Electric 12m Low Floor Transit Bus
  • Electric Dual Powered 18m Transit Bus